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     My name is Lilly Koski and Gobble, Gobble, Get Away is the first book I've ever illustrated! All throughout my life I have been surrounded by art, and it has had a huge influence on me. I grew up in Houston, Texas, population 6.6 million until my family moved to the middle of no where, a small town, population two about culture shock! I'm the oldest of four and my family is full of very talented people, all of them having great artistic ability. I have always been that kid that doodled all over my homework. I enjoy using various mediums, but my favorite things to do are paint and sculpt. I express myself through different art forms, depending on my mood. Ironically, I went from being judged by all my peers in school to many of them asking me later in life if I could design their tattoos. My fascination with art overpowered my fear of what others thought of me. As luck would have it, just a few weeks before my high school graduation, I was offered the chance to draw for a children's book. Until then, I had never considered illustration as a career path!

     Art isn't my only fascination. I am also a very proud rat mom. I not only keep pet rats, I love to draw and sculpt them. I kindly care for them by changing their litter and building them custom rat cages.

     Now, check out a few of my drawings. For Gobble, Gobble, Get Away I had to create three turkeys, each with distinct personalities and habits that followed those quirky birds from page to page, a tricky task. Illustrating has changed my prospective on art, and I'm excited for the adventure it will take me on!

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Watercolors by Alice Van Overstraeten

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