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Wild Turkey

There once was a farm with three especially fat turkeys.

Dudds, Specs, and Goze—those birds were a little bit quirky.

Feather 6

Gobble, Gobble, Get Away


     Gobble, Gobble, Get Away is the comical story of three cunning turkeys who hope to dodge the Thanksgiving Plate. Stealing the farmer's glasses, sneaking into the old shed, browsing the web on the farmer's tablet, the clever gang devises a plan to leave the country altogether.

     This 300 word children's picture book features catchy rhymes and a myriad of onomatopoeia, engaging the reader in turkey prattle.

Not Me and His Cousin I Didn't Do It!

     When two gnomes decide to give up their life in the garden for a cozy spot indoors, one little boy gets into a world of trouble with his mom.  This rhyming children's book pokes fun at the "Not Me" defense of every child. Obviously, there is someone else to blame.


"Oh wait," my mother said in a sarcastic tone. 

Oh no, NOT a Mom lecture— I started to moan. 

She put a finger to her lips. 

"Now let me guess.

Not Me, and his cousin, I Didn't Do It, made the mess?"


     Enjoy the story of a shy witch whose life is plunged into utter chaos when a tree frog unexpectedly throws himself into her caldron. Out pops Prince Charming! The earnest Prince endeavors to clean the witch's dingy old house. Matilda gets more than she bargained for when the Prince uses her caldron to muster extra help. Home renovations, stately gardens, a two story ballroom: the Prince puts his crew to work! What is a witch to do with an invitation to a royal ball?

     This 2400 word story is a fresh twist on the fabled Frog Prince. This children's picture storybook features the comedy of thirteen Prince Charmings and the tragedy one not so wicked witch.

Pointed Witch Hat
villa-3237114_1920 (1).jpg

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

     "On the corner of Royal and Brew, there stood a most unusual house. It was dismal looking, a bit creepy. People stayed away. Every night brilliant colors shone through its dingy windows. Was it haunted? It's hard to say."

Charming, Matilda, and Hop received a nine out of ten point score by select reader/judges participating in the 2021 Michigan Write Contest!! 

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixaby

Stained House



When a little boy named Harry introduces himself to the monster under his bed, he learns about Monster Land, a place with NO RULES, and NO MOMS. Borrowing Monster’s key, Harry descends a hidden spiral staircase into the secret world of monsters. There, he visits the Monster Cafe, joins the fun at a monster playground, and takes a turn at being the scary thing under the bed. When the key fails to unlock the library, Harry is shocked to learn that there are no books in Monster Land, and that monsters cannot read!

“There is a monster under my bed. He likes frosting, lollipops, and bubble gum. He chews his gum like a cow, just like me. Sometimes I have to tell him, “I am trying to sleep!” and I make him spit out his gum. This is the true story of how I came to know about a place called Monster Land.”


Bike Crossing-

Pass with care, no cars/no trucks allowed.


Run Down the Stairs!

Spiral Staircase_edited.jpg

Welcome to Monster Land!

Stop in at the Monster Cafe! We only serve POP!

School Bus

The cheese wagon does not come to Monster Land!


Moster Park Hours

Never Closes!

THE        CRANKY 

While waiting for her charming Prince, Princess Ruby skips her nap. Caught in the emotional storm of too little sleep, the cranky princess is plagued by a series of misfortunes. Has the Prince come far to late? The cranky princess drifts off and awakens to find her hair has turned gray, her skin wrinkled, and she is covered in a hundred years of dust! Ah-chew!

"Once upon a time there lived a cranky princess named Ruby. She grew up in a pink and purple painted castle at the tippy-top of a steep mountain. Everyday, she watched from her pink, sparkly tower for the Prince who would come to fetch her. She waited for such a long time that she became tired of waiting."

The Carnival Witches

This is the story of four witches who use their traveling show as a cover for their wicked mayhem. Using their specialty potion, Ranus Razzle Treat, they transform all of the carnival attendees into frogs. Sensing a traitor in their ranks, the witches, Gruellla, Prucella, and Druscilla devise a plan to deal with the young witch, Matilada and her new frog friend Hop. 

"Sometimes, the caldrons stir themselves. Now and again, the brooms fly alone. A wicked witch is easy to spot, or maybe not!"

Black Cat 2

What is a witch to do when she loses all her wicked?

Watercolors by Alice Van Overstraeten

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